How To Make Your Morning Showers The Highlight Of Your Day

While the ultimate in relaxation might be a long hot bath, for most people daily quick showers are what wakes them up in the morning and gets them on their way. In that case, having everything convenient, ready, and spot on is the way to go. You don’t want to waste any more time than you have to. That means an easy to clean tile shower stall, nice glass shower doors, a mirror for shaving, and a shelf that holds soap, shaving cream, shampoo, razors, and a nice scrubbing pad too. Here are some good tips you can use to get everything in order for your best experience taking your shower in the morning.

Forget The Cheap Shower Heads, Get The Best One You Can Find

OK, so down at the big department store they do have those cheap, water saver, shower heads you can buy. But, if you’re going to spend 10-15 minutes of your life every single day with it, get a high quality one, you’ll thank yourself daily for that decision. Although there are a few people that enjoy the blast from the cheap shower heads, most people really enjoy the large rain head that allows the water to come down naturally like rain. It makes rinsing much easier and it never blasts you hard in one spot and not enough in another. They only cost a few dollars more than the cheap ones and you can install it in about 10 minutes. Once you use one a few times you’ll never go back to the cheap models, you’ll even take one on holiday, just in case.

If you have kids that need to take showers too, don’t overlook the handheld showerhead. You’ve seen them in lots of nice bathrooms, it’s a quality shower head mounted on a handle at the end of a hose. You can have both the overhead shower head and the handheld in the same shower by installing a diverter valve. These are great for lots more than just washing short kids, many elderly love them if they need to sit while in the shower, if you wash your dog they’re indispensable, and you can use them when you have dirty shoes or other things to clean.

You should also outfit your shower stall with a nice, high-quality mirror that you can use when you shave if you’re a man, or when you shampoo your hair and wash your face. After you get accustomed to having a nice mirror in the shower you’ll never go without one again. It makes several tasks easier, like removing makeup, or making sure you get all of the soap off, they’re invaluable. Make sure you get a quality bathroom mirror, like one that has beveled edges, that shows the glass is thick and well made. You can get a good idea of the showers at Elite Bathroomware by visiting their website here:

All of your soap, shaving cream, conditioner, and shampoo should all be placed in pump dispensers that give you quick and easy access, even with your eyes closed. You can buy a strong shelf unit that will fit in the corner of the shower and be within easy reach all the time for every user in the home. That way you can buy large containers of high quality soap products at a huge discount and refill your pump dispensers when needed, it’s the best quality, plus price and convenience.

Forget Shower Curtains, They Rot And Mildew

The absolute best way to enclose your shower is with glass doors. They’ll last nearly forever if you buy the best quality and they’re far easier to clean than those plastic shower curtains that drip water all over your bathroom floor. You can get them in clear glass or privacy glass depending on your preferences as well. These come either with frames or frameless glass and are made to fit certain sized openings in the shower, or as a complete shower mounted in a corner or stand-alone.

If you’re like most people, you’ve been neglecting your daily showers by using poor quality heads, no shelves, no mirror, and ugly shower curtains. If you’re going to spend 15 minutes a day taking showers, do it in style, get organised, and buy quality equipment and accessories, you’ll never regret it.